Our Mission Statement:

To join with village families in throughout Belize in a Fair Trade business partnership to train, empower, build financial stability, provide educational opportunities, and improved living conditions based on Biblical principles.

Who are we and what do we do?

Because of the complexities of cultural interactions, the limitations of a purely mission based relationship, and the the potential that comes as individuals entrepreneurial spirits are tapped we are working as 2 separate entities:  www.sowingseedsinbelize.com  and www.mmcsc.org.

Sowing Seeds in Belize is a 501 (C)(3) registered non profit entity where we serve the farmers and communities.  Our work includes, but is not limited to providing eduactional scholarships, training, seeds/plant stock, and processing euipment.

MMCSC- Maya Mountain Coffee And Spice Company is the entity which will help to bring the farmers’ dreams to fruition.  We import their goods from Belize into the US, sell them via small boutique stockists and our online venues, then a portion of all sales are returned to support the work of Sowing Seeds in Belize.

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