cropped-logotransparent.pngThat was the question that Eric and I asked a number of years ago when we started to notice that our joints were cranky, our backs were nimble, and our stomachs were not happy …. we felt like we were falling apart…..and we were.

After reading quite a few resources on healthy eating and researching why we might be feeling like our bodies were disintegrating, one thing was very clear – so much of how our body responds (or not) to daily moving, lifting, driving, anything… is in large part a reflection of what we put in our mouth. Soooooo, we decided to make some immediate choices to ‘rearrange’ our consumption of food based on what was local, pure and healthy and would fuel our bodies instead of eating for entertainment. Wow …. am I glad we did!

A whole new world opened up as we began looking locally to eat. Until this time, we tinkered with a small backyard garden, so we ramped up our selection of vegetables, bought some chickens and began to look within a 50 mile radius for local meats, dairy and other pure and whole foods. It was so fun to meet farmers and hear why they do what they do and to see the pride they have in producing good food for their family and surrounding communities.

27332459_589314558127399_276696734884253079_nThen came the invite for us to join a local farmers’ market to sell produce. We had honestly never visited a farmers’ market, but we put on our game face and said, “yes…yes, we would like to do that! What had we just done? Being the adventurous type of folk that we are, we dug our heels in and prepared for this new phase of our life. As we started to change the way we ate, we started to feel so much better within a short period of time. We were totally enjoying our new life as farmers’ market vendors, not only living close to and off the land, but also meeting other producers of wholesome food as well as meeting the weekly customers who came to purchase what we labored over. As I began to experiment with new foods, I really wanted to offer them to our customers as well …. thus began yet another adventure – healthy prepared foods.

Researching and experimenting with fermented drinks and vegetables, quick and healthy take home dinners using what’s in the garden, healthy desserts (what …. is there such a thing?), and unique (and what some would call just plain weird) became the daily fun in my licensed kitchen – this effort to help others expand their food repretoire as well has been nothing but plain fun!

With our latest adventure into the jungles of Belize to source premium spices, coffee, oils, seeds and tropical superfood fruits, our palates are being stretched to new tastes and and appreciation of those who choose to produce food for a living. We are loving this adventure meeting beautiful village farmers and their families who toil hard and long each day hoping for a better living. Their tenacity to hang in there day after day as they work their fingers to the bone in hopes that there will be a viable market to compensate them for their labor inspires us and helps us to gain a completely different perspective on life – and as producers of food ourselves, we understand the challenges and want to help them even more.

DSCN0210As we develop Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company with the hope to provide a market for the farmers’ amazing foods, we invite you to join with us to not only help families in Belize but to experience the pure goodness of foods from the jungle and from our kitchen as well as the experimenting continues.

One way to begin is by purchasing our Smoothie Pak – loaded with powerful nutritional ingredients like turmeric, coconut oil, chia seeds, cacao nibs and chai spice blend. Look, if you start making smoothies with a good quality yogurt, some organic oats and these power-packed, pure, jungle-sourced superfoods, you will begin jumping from tree to tree hanging from the limbs like a monkey in the jungle in sheer happiness because you will feel so much better! For those who would prefer to NOT be like a monkey, you will still feel the happiness as you start to notice that your body is loving you for fueling it with good food.



Keep checking in as we continue to share the benefits of good food ….. and until then, why not have a ‘jungle’ smoothie!


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