The Best Laid Plans…


San Ignacio Town, Belize

cropped-sowingseedsinbelizeI just wanted to take a few minutes to help you understand how things sometimes go here in Belize…

Yesterday we left Punta Gorda and headed north (4 hours on the road)–we needed to get Ministry of Ag approval and clearance to bring vegetable seeds in to Belize…CHECK!  We needed to connect with Tina (a young lady we met a few years ago at The Kings’ Childrens Home who is now working towards her BS in AG)…CHECK!  And we needed to connect with and spend a little time with our soap nut and sorrel farmers…CHECK!

Today we were scheduled to do some work in Belmopan and Belize City to register Sowing Seeds in Belize as a recognized entity so we could open and operate a bank account here in Belize…FAILED!! Before we left the US,our connection with the Belize Company Registry Office gave us a list of needed documents, so we brought them–the problem was that the list was not complete, and he never said we needed notarized copies of everything!  Thankfully I called to confirm with Central Bank in Belize City to be sure we had everything they required. Well, at least we saved 3 hours on the road and a trip to the city, but once again this process is on hold until we return!

27337072_589323331459855_7248894691547902433_nAnd, finally, we needed to go to the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout to get a gas tank to repair the roto-tiller we to be using with the community and school garden projects.  The only problem was the torrential downpours last night…the only road to the community and the only store in Belize that might have a tank is flooded and they are not expecting the waters to recede for the next 4-5 days.  So, we got a few different epoxy kits hoping one will provide a temporary fix until we can get back here!

Guess we are learning patience the hard way…

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